I’m passionate about improving public education. I will fight for the interest of our children they deserve a quality Pre-school thru K-12 education and also the opportunity to attend a affordable College or University. I will work on legislation advocating for students getting the tools and resources needed to excel and thrive in school and at home. I will advocate for funding to be restored to 2011 levels across the board prior to the Synder administration cuts in education.


I’m dedicated to improving education curriculums to increase overall student literacy, retention and graduation rates. I will focus on comprehensive legislation to develop curriculums that promote an environment for students to excel in reading by funding reading intervention programs and other learning tools instrumental in increasing the reading levels for our children. Improved education funding legislation will provide the ability to assess where students are and develop comprehensive plans for intervention and development that create positive out comes from implementation and assist in improving students reading levels and aid in the current 3rd Grade Reading Law.


-Wrap Around Services

I’m committed to developing funding and resources for afterschool programs for supplemental educational programs for tutors in reading and math, the arts, dance and band. It’s critical to provide funding for meals for children in addition to needed transportation due to schools closing in local neighborhoods.

“Real Women Read” for Highland Park School – George Washington Carver Academy


Everyone deserves to feel protected. Seniors need to feel safe in their homes. Additional funding is needed to recruit and retain police officers and first responders raising their pay will provide the needed services and police presence to stabilize the neighborhoods. More funding is needed for improvements in infrastructure, which is imperative to environmental safety within the community and additional funding for water and led paint testing, and water run off.


Everyone who wants to work should be able to find a good paying job, and make a fair living wage. Create an environment for job growth while providing opportunities for education and apprenticeship skilled trades training. Provide an environment to foster small business entrepreneurship and growth through grants, funding for first time business owners and community benefits agreement. Create incentives to attract new corporations to the state.