“Hello neighbor, I’m Helena Scott and I’m asking for your VOTE to represent YOU as your District 7 State Representative. I’m proud to call this District my home for more than 25 years. I formerly served District 7 as the Community Liaison for State Representative LaTanya Garrett. In that role, I listened to the needs of our community and made sure citizens were informed by providing legislative updates. Throughout my time in Lansing, I worked with state, county, and city officials to assure the delivery of services and resolve problems. I’ve learned how to negotiate to get things done. With you support, I will be your voice in Lansing, who will be accessible to you and provide the leadership that our district needs.”


– Always working for you, Helena

Helena Scott with Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan, and Highland Park Mayor, Hubert Yopp
Helena Scott with Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan, and Highland Park Mayor, Hubert Yopp


I’m passionate about improving public education. I will fight for the interest of our children they deserve a quality Pre-school thru K-12 education and also the opportunity to attend a affordable College or University. I will work on legislation advocating for students getting the tools and resources needed to excel and thrive in school and at home. I will advocate for funding to be restored to 2011 levels across the board prior to the Synder administration cuts in education.


Everyone deserves to feel protected. Seniors need to feel safe in their homes. Additional funding is needed to recruit and retain police officers and first responders raising their pay will provide the needed services and police presence to stabilize the neighborhoods. More funding is needed for improvements in infrastructure, which is imperative to environmental safety within the community and additional funding for water and led paint testing, and water run-off.


Everyone who wants to work should be able to find a good paying job, and make a fair living wage. Create an environment for job growth while providing opportunities for education and apprenticeship skilled trades training. Provide an environment to foster small business entrepreneurship and growth through grants, funding for first time business owners and community benefits agreement. Create incentives to attract new corporations to the state.


I am qualified to represent District 7

I’m a servant leader who cares and is passionate about the needs of my community. I’ve served my community and constituents of District 7 as a precinct delegate, and also in Lansing through my role as Community Liaison for State Representative LaTanya Garrett. I have listened to the needs of the community and made sure citizens were informed by providing legislative updates while working with state, county and city officials to assure the delivery of services. I’ve helped to resolve problems within the district and have learned how to negotiate to get things done.

Through my roles as the D7 Community Liaison and with Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice (SEMJwJ) I’ve built strong relationships, and can identify multiple stakeholders through labor, community, student and faith based organizations that I can access to assist with needs within the community. I will represent you in Lansing with a voice of integrity, dedication and commitment. While always being accessible to you and providing the leadership that the district needs.

Role and Responsibilities of a Michigan State Representative:

The primary role of a State Representative is to be a lawmaker determining the need for new legislation through listening to the needs and problems of the district and the state. Introducing and creating new laws and initiating research through staff and committees and requesting preparations of bills and amendments in addition to modifying and updating old laws and voting on bills that benefit their district.



Former Community Liaison for the Office of MI State Representative LaTanya Garrett, District 7 MI

1st Vice Chair, MI Democratic Party Black Caucus

Vice Chair, 14th Congressional District

Precinct Delegate #239

Over 15 years of Labor & Community Activism

Former Treasurer, Metro-Detroit Coalition of Labor Union Women

Former Executive Board Member, League of Women Voters Detroit

Former IAM Union Member, United Airlines

Organizer & Former Financial Trustee, Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice

Political Education Committee, NAACP

Bachelor Arts, Marygrove College

Graduate of Samuel C. Mumford High School

Mumford High School Alumni Association

Motor City Jack & Jill of America Associates Group

St. Moses The Black Catholic Church


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    Helena Scott Hands Out COVID-19 / Coronavirus Food to Community

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus

    I’m concerned about our community and understand that we are all fearful of what is happening during these uncertain times. The COVID-19 virus has impacted all of our lives, likely with the loss of friends, family and loved ones. To ensure we stop the further spread of the virus we must all do our part by continuing to practice safe hygiene by thoroughly washing our hands and also following Governor Whitmer’s current “Stay at Home Order”. For those who must leave the house it is imperative to practice safe social distancing measures by wearing a mask and gloves while in public to help protect each other in addition to our essential front line workers in the community.

    For years I’ve advocated and fought for my community around social justice issues regarding a fair living wage for workers, environmental and water rights, and equitable pay and rights for women. Now, during this crisis we must all be social justice advocates for each other, our families, children and seniors. We will get through this pandemic together and it’s my belief that when we do we will ultimately be stronger, more compassionate of each other’s needs and more dedicated to community. Until the quarantine is lifted lets all stay safe and healthy.

    -Praying for our community


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